Wednesday, September 11, 2013


A frisson of excitement is currently sweeping the African literary circuit following the publication of Pule Lechesa’s landmark literary study titled BOLAJI IN HIS POMP.

This is the latest book-length study published on the inspirational writer, O. Bolaji. Literary pundits are already stating that this remarkable work is reminiscent of memorable cardinal studies churned out by exalted scholars in the mould of Robert Fraser, Flora Veit-Wild, Gerald Moore, Adele King, Eustace Palmer etc – all of whom published extensive studies on key African writers.

The introduction to the book is written by the illustrious, avant-garde, prolific South African writer, Dr Mongane Wally Serote.

Dr Serote remarks in his Introduction: “The beauty of such books is that they introduce in breathtaking manner the literary works and the persona of tantalizing writers to the teeming world of literature,”

Also praiseworthy is the Foreword to the work penned by Pule Lechesa himself. Critic Raphael Mokoena has described the Foreword as “awe-inspiring, majestic, magisterial, and brimming with fecundity”

Chapters of the book include the following: Recognition given where it is due, Living a dream against all odds, Bolaji and Literary Criticism, Celebrating our own people, Bolaji’s short stories, the book Bolaji never wanted to write, Interview with an icon, the Critical reception - among many others.  

Earlier, the author Pule Lechesa had published works like The Evolution of FS Black Literature (2006), Four Free State Authors (2005), and Essays on FS Black Literature (2012)

This new book is sponsored by the National Arts Council of South Africa


  1. Awesome. Awesome. Thanks to people like Mr Lechesa the Free State continues to do great things in literature

  2. Yes, a majestic work indeed. I have read it.