Saturday, November 17, 2012


Lifetime Achievement Award for Omoseye Bolaji

Dateline: 16 November, 2012
Clocolan, South Africa
Frontline writer Omoseye Bolaji bagged another Lifetime Achievement Award at the inaugural Mbali Literary Association Awards (2012) held in Clocolan at the weekend. There was great applause as the special award for the prolific, selfless literary activist was announced. Here is the brief Citation on Bolaji at the Mbali Awards:
“Mbali Awards Committee is also happy to announce that we decided to bestow a special Lifetime Achievement award on Mr Omoseye Bolaji this year. Here is a man who has seen it all and done it all. Mr Bolaji is truly a great African writer. Not only because he has published some 30 books of various genre. Not only because multiple critical books have been published on him; not to talk of countless essays published around the world on his literary work; and never mind his many awards. But also mainly because he has dedicated his life selflessly to promoting quintessential literature, inspiring, spreading pertinent literary information and knowledge in excellent fashion whilst somewhat seemingly lurking in the background most of the time. He remains the key, pivotal protagonist in respect of our literature.”
The Termagant (1988)
Impossible Love (2000)
The ghostly adversary (2001)
Tebogo Investigates (2000)
Tebogo’s spot of bother (2001)
Tebogo Fails (2003)
People of the Townships (2003)
Ask Tebogo (2004)
Tebogo and the Haka (2008)
Tebogo and the epithalamion (2009)
Tebogo and the pantophagist (2010)
Tebogo and the bacchae (2012)
Short Stories
They never say when (1994)
The Guillotine (2001)
You never know with women (2002)
The Quack of Qwaqwa (2003)
The Artist (2012)
The Pyrrhic victory (2012)
The subtle transgressor (2006)
The story of Collins Mokhotho (2000)
Gilbert Modise: the man and the myth (2001)
Molebogeng Alitta Mokhuoa (2004)
My life and literature (2007)
Snippets (1998)
Reverie (2006)
Poems from Mauritius (2007)
Literary essays/General
The golden pen of Eselby (1994)
Fillets of Plaice (2000)
Thoughts on Free State Writing (2002)
My Opinion (2005)
Miscellaneous Writings (2011)

It Couldn't Matter Less (published in 2013)
Eagles at USA 94 (1994)
Books (Studies) published on Bolaji’s work
Omoseye Bolaji: His writings/his role as a catalyst for FS Writing By Pule Lebuso (2001)
Omoseye Bolaji: Perspectives on his literary work. By Flaxman Qoopane (2003)
Omoseye Bolaji: Channelling one’s thoughts onto paper. By Charmaine Kolwane (2005)
Tebogo on the prowl: A study of Tebogo Mokoena created by Omoseye Bolaji: By Petro Schonfeld. (2006)
THE TRIUMPH: Lifetime Achievement Award for Omoseye Bolaji. By Urbain Tila (2007)
Omoseye Bolaji: On awards, authors, Literature. By Pule Lechesa (2007)
The crest: Omoseye Bolaji honoured in Nigeria. By Flaxman Qoopane. (2008):
Omoseye Bolaji: Further perspectives. By Julia Mooi. (2009)
OMOSEYE BOLAJI By Hector Kunene (2012)
Omoseye Bolaji: A Voyage around his literary work. By Ishmael Mzwandile Soqaga (2012)
The other Mbali awardees
George Rampai – Winner, Author of the Year
Ishmael Mzwandile Soqaga – Winner, Promising newcomer of the year
Kgang Abel Motheane – Winner, Commentator on Literature Award


  1. Very impressive. I love the brief understated, yet quality Citation on Bolaji. The breakdown of his shining works over the years easily highlights his greatness.

  2. Another lifetime award for a highly dedicated writer who is far from being an old man. He would have done even much more if not for poor health, and if he was not always helping and promoting others. Profound salutations

  3. Heartfelt congratulations! Nobody deserves this award more than our beloved 'malome'!

  4. I can honestly state that some of the most pleasant reading experiences of my whole life have come from reading Mr Bolaji's books, especially the fiction. Impossible Love, The ghostly adversary - great imaginative works. The Tebogo series - all very readable books with a lot to stun the reader. People like myself have also learnt a lot from from Bolaji's variegated essays - Thoughts on Free State Writing, Fillets of Plaice, Miscellaneous Writings. A legend really.

  5. Thank you for the breakdown on all of chief Omoseye's work,
    If I speak about inspiration that would be an under statement,
    such work reflects on the wings on consistency and hardwork but most importantly loving your craft, Malome another fist in the air for the free state.

  6. Of course nobody deserves this award more than Bolaji. Congratulations